Mission & Vision

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Our Vision

As civilization has grown, fell, evolved, deteriorated, only one thing has maintained relatively constant, the family. Governments have gone bad, natural disasters have wreaked entire societies, but love between those who matter, in almost every situation, has prevailed. In the 21st century, however, as technology has rapidly expanded, the modern family has become more difficult to maintain. Salutus aims to introduce solutions that make such a task more feasible for caretakers, with intelligent, efficient, and affordable technology. From smart devices for safety to biotechnology in preventative healthcare to robots for caretaking. Eventually where families don’t need to depend on external aid and instead be self-reliant.

Our Mission

The Knomi Personal Safety GPS Tracker Device is the first step in the plan. A plan that consists of tens of phases that will be revealed as Salutus continues to grow. Salutus will introduce automated emergency management with a connection to an ever-growing smart emergency operator sector, along with a plethora of other features and products. Then Salutus will solidify itself in the senior care market, completely eliminating traditional medical alert companies and eldercare centers, with automation and robotics. Then, Salutus will challenge the deteriorating health care industry with preventative technology and artificial intelligence. All within the vision of protecting those we care about.

Freedom, Integrity, Sovereignty


We believe enterprise is the solution to any problem. And for any problem we face we contemplate whether this solution or action protects the sovereignty of individuals. As we progress, and as the problems we attempt to solve grow ever so complicated, every decision will be compared to our values.

Our Services


Our technology will make sure your family is safe and secure. Eventually, all aspects of security will be evident.


Our technology will help save your life during medical emergencies. It will also save lives in the future by taking advantage of the principles of preventative health care. Our technology will make sure your family is healthy.


All our technology will be unrestrictive and mobile. Meaning one can move around, be free, and still be safe and healthy. No longer will people be tied down.


Our technology will prioritize your data & privacy with the usage of smart algorithms, encryption, anonymization, and blockchain.