Stay updated on all things regarding the family in modern society. How to make sure they are safe. What tools are best for safety. How artificial intelligence can make family health easy and affordable. How to best take care of your pets. New innovations in IoT technology, biosensors, robotics, and more! And what Salutus may have to offer.

The Automation of Senior Healthcare-Salutus

The Future of Daily Elder Care

The Automation of Senior Healthcare Background Many human geographers support the idea of the demographic transition. It is a very simple model highlighting the different stages a population goes through. Before medicine and all the other comforts of modern civilized society, the sole focus of most people was to survive. Anything could kill them, bug…

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911, police, and firefighters use public IoT sensors to detect emergencies and save lives.

What is the future of 911? For Police, Firefighters, and the Ambulance?

Society is evolving as information, pure data is becoming more accessible by the masses. This has led to revolutions in the accountability, responsibility, and honesty of institutions. But, like any other development, it has the potential to yield great destruction. Like a disease within an organism, faulty data, misconstrued facts, and the disproportional presentation of…

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A dog and a cat playing

Should I neuter my dog and/or cat? A rather complex reality.

Should you neuter your pet? A question that has risen in prominence and divisiveness as modern society has emerged. Such a simple question as “should I neuter my dog” is quite complex. It raises questions on the nature of rights as it relates to the complexity of a living organism’s intelligence.

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