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Learn about our features and advantages. Read about upcoming updates. And familiarize yourself with Salutus’s dedication to privacy.

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Key Features

Track Loved Ones

Give it to your child as child tracker, or give it to your grandmother as a medical alert system. Either way, allway know when your loved ones are safe.

Track Pets

Easily convert the device into a GPS dog collar or cat tracker and know where they are at all times. Now you can let them go and enjoy the outside and pick them up if they don’t come back.

Track Things

Leave it in your car, clip it to your backpack, stuff it in your golf bag. Keep track of your most loved items. Now when you are travelling or you are carrying classified information, you will always have a extra layer of security.

Register/Manage Devices

Easily register devices to your accounts and users instead of the typical hassle customers have to go through to get their smart devices working. Simply type in a unique ID and your done.

Panic Alerts

In the event of an emergency, users can press a panic button sending out an alert to caretakers through their mobile app. This safety device can save lives in the event of kidnappings, violent scenes, being lost, a medical emergency… This device can be a great medical alert system.

6 Month Battery Life

With ultra-low-power efficiency, the Knomi GPS Tracker has a long battery life of up to 6 months. Charge it a few times a year and forget about it. And have the convenience of using a USB Type-C charger.

Upcoming Features


In dire emergencies, be able to contact 911 through the Salutus application. They will have access to relevant medical information, physical descriptions, and additional data points that will improve response times and quality of care.

Activity Monitoring

Great for monitoring the health of your pets. When they go on long runs and their little adventures, veterinarians can use that data to track the health of your pet.


Create safe areas for each user/thing and get alerts when they enter and leave those designated areas.

School Bus Alerts

Get notified when your child boards his planned school bus rides. Or when you grandmother gets on the ferry.

Smart Alerts

Get smart alerts when Salutus algorithms utilizing artificial intelligence detect peculiar movement patterns and oddities.

Upcoming Features

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Everyone's Right to Privacy

Regardless of who you are, everyone has a right to privacy. And Salutus aims to protect it.


All your data is encrypted and anonymized so only you have access to your families data. Everyone is given a hash number that protects them.

What about AI?

Salutus uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to improve the user experience. Our AI, Mahavi, learns about users health to help make it better, and to save lives during emergencies. But all this information is anonymized, so it can never be traced back.

IoT Device Security?

All local information and data is encrypted before it is transmitted to the cloud, so no one can steal your information when they are near to you.

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